Electoral votes vs

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Electoral votes vs

United States Electoral College

After the electoral votes are decided, the Electoral College cast their votes for president, based on the votes of the public.

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This electoral system enables candidates to be defeated by those who receive fewer votes in single-member districts but whose parties are on the whole.

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To make things even harder, and the whole picture even more obscure, about 40% of voters simply decided not to cast their votes, obviously many of them.


While many Western countries have been experiencing declining or stable associations between class and electoral choice. How Britain Votes.

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Research Topics At Least 80 Electoral Votes Depended on Youth. In Monroe County (IU), the President won 55.7% of the vote (vs. 66% in 2008).

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Population vs. Electoral Votes Problems with the Electoral College

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. dobře největší volby v historii jsou pasé a Barack Obama je 44. prezidentem Spojených Států Amerických. Už teď disponuje více než 270 electoral votes,

Obama vs. Romney Electoral Map

Our latest estimate has Obama at 281 electoral votes and Romney at 191.

2012 Electoral Votes by State

The big winner is Texas, adding 4 electoral votes. Florida gained 2 while New York and Ohio each lost 2. Gaining one electoral vote each are Arizona.
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If Florida stays blue, Obama will have 332 electoral votes (vs. 365 in 2008).